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Stone the Glasshouse
Still working on this...

Stone the Glasshouse is the next step in the evolution of The Baker's Dead. While improvisation is still a key element, the band has begun the process of formulating a more structured approach, geared more toward songs and songwriting, while not entirely abandoning mindless and reckless jamming. Currently the (now somewhat "official") band, consisting of Ron Forsythe, John Malcolm and Jeff Paige has been working on resurrecting and re-interpreting songs that the members have had parts in creating, songs by The Bakers' Dozen and Bottled Goblins. New material is in the works.  

The link below will take you to a recent improv.


One More Shot recorded 2.16.14 in Raymond, NH.  Improv. featuring Jeff  Paige: lead guitar, Rich Quintal: bass guitar, Ron Forsythe: drums, John Malcolm: voice.
The Unofficial STONE THE GLASSHOUSE demo. All songs were created on the spot...                                         

1. 2 Guitars  
2. Everything's a Struggle
3. Because there's Nothing There 
4. The Who's the Where's the Why's 
5. One More Shot 
6. Please Stay 
7. Burn Your Bridges 
8. Return of Johnny Guitar part 1 
9. Ron, Quinn, Jeff 
10. Return of Johnny Guitar part 2 

Jeff Paige: Lead guitars, keyboards, voices.
John Malcolm: Voices, lead guitars, keyboards.
Richard Quintal: Bass guitars, keyboards.
Ron Forsythe: Drums, keyboards.
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