This site is being designed as an archive for memories and adventures- from film and photos to music and random artful endeavors. Great thanks to Jeff P. for his contributions, technical wizardry and inspiration. Most of the cool graphics and videos are Mr. Paige's creations.
John Malcolm 1888
Adventures in self-indulgence and narcissism...with a little help from my friends.

So...johnny's got a new toy. Watch and laugh as he tries to figure out how it works.

Shadows of Things to Come...

It has yet to be determined whether or not there is a point to this, but either way some of it is real- some of it not so much; and some of it is just for fun, some of it...not so much.

So, I guess we'll call this the official launch date: 31 December, 2013.

We've been kicking this around for a couple of years now, and although it will probably never be "ready", here we go...


Crawling on the Floor in the Basement of My Heart by Shadow Gallery XIII
From top: Randy Richard, Mark Preston, John Malcolm. Bottled Goblins c. 1987.
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